Welcome to iankunx.net, the vague quasi-home of the bizzare elven dice god, Nai Calus. You're probably looking for one of the following:

ohgod.html My psychotic quasi-tribute to the internet of the 90s. My AOL homepage from back then wasn't *quite* this bad, as I hated frames and still do, but it came close.
Magical Lyrics Defunct for years, just like the band, alas, but it's still there. A lyrics database for the band Psycho le Cemu.
PSOBB section ID calculator A section ID calculator for Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst.

Unless you're looking for something else I've forgotten to bother linking here or don't want to link here, in which case you're just plain out of luck.

If you feel the need to contact me for some reason, my username pretty much everywhere is Nai_Calus, or Nai Calus if underscores aren't involved. I've got a twitter account, a facebook account and I'm vaguely active on the giantitp forums, the Wizards of the Coast D&D forums, rpg.net forums and the pso-world.com forums. If you're really, *really* bored, searching pso-world for threads started by me in the Fan Works forum will dig up some ancient fanfiction, and among the useless spam in Fresh Kills Landfill are a bunch of threads with pictures of my dice collection.